Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adidas Saigon

I need some color on this blog, so here is something kinda neat that I read about on another VN blog (citation omitted 'cause I lost the link for now). They're from Adidas and called, appropriately, Saigon. Its part of their "Materials of the World" series and attempts, successfully, to use local fabrics in producing something cool and unique. I gather they're also of limited release.


layered said...

I will look around Sài Gòn to see if I can find some of those shoes. They never have my size, though -- I am toward the bottom percentile for American shoe sizes and I am still beyond the sizes most Vietnamese shoe vendors carry.
-- Mel

D. said...

I don't know if Adidas sells them in Vietnam at all - dunno if they're in the States yet. You can buy them from some online retailers based in Europe, for $100+ USD if I have my conversions correct.

Speaking of shoes, do you think bringing along three dress shoes is enough (assuming a need to wear dress shoes 5x a week and a 9.5/42 shoe size)?

Preya said...

Wow, really cool!

layered said...

D., I sent an email to you regarding your question on shoes.
-- Mel

Clarissa said...

Amazing stuff !! I never seen these type of colorful texture adidas shoes even before. Those looks very adorable and stylish.

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