Monday, October 02, 2006

Amazing Race - Hanoi

The cult CBS television show, "The Amazing Race," made a stop in Hanoi that was broadcasted last night. It's neat to see parts of the world one has been to represented on TV - I guess that's part of the cult appeal.

For those who are fans, you know what this show is about; for those who are not (yet) fans, it's a race between two-person teams around the world, where along the way the teams have to complete various tasks and the slowest team on each leg of the race gets eliminated (or Philiminated as the lingo goes). The final team standing wins a million USD.

Here's a clip posted on by the user GoncheyRM. You can click on his/her name for the other clips of last evening's episode.

[clip removed because embedding it here causes browser errors - just go to the foregoing link]

The funniest lines of the night has to be:

"It's like Frogger, dude." - spoken by a competitor trying to cross a street in Hanoi; and

'For safety reasons, racers are not allowed to operate or ride a motorbike while in Vietnam' - a voiceover describing the limits on the racers.

Note that in a prior episode the producers had no difficulties with allowing racers to ride, and fall off, horses.


Jimbob55 said...

I think the producers of TAR disrespected the US to take the race into vietnam and include references to politics and the vietnam war. To see and hear a play celebrating socialism, and then the crash site of a B52 bomber, seems so utterly insensitive to the people who gave their lives during the war. TAR should remember that it is a superficial game only. To allow it to be used for the political propaganda of a communist country on the backs of hundreds of thousands of heroic American soldiers who gave their lives to defend the South Vietnamese people is the worst example of insensitivity. As such this individual will never watch another episode.

Anonymous said...

A reminder of why CBS is never on my TV. Absolutely no reason for the slap in the face to those who fought in Vietnam, those who died, or those of us who prayed for loved ones to return.
I would be willing to bet that some old crony hippie who burned his draft card gave the okay on this idiocy. Probably some old granola who smoked it up through college, never bathed, and was too lazy to do anything but stand in the airports screaming "baby killer" to the soldiers returning home.
What a disgrace. I agree with Bob Beckel for once and for the rest of America who now sees ABC as nothing but the creators of insidiously bad comedy shows and as a mouthpiece for communist propaganda.