Saturday, September 30, 2006

VN work visa

To get a work permit in Vietnam, one should be prepared with certain documentation from one's home country. This forum post (on Dave's ESL Cafe) outlines the information required for English Teachers in Vietnam. Here's the actual governmental decree, of September 17, 2003, in English, if you're inclined.

I find it a bit funny that folks on the forum complain about the steps one must take, and hoops one must invariably jump thru, to get a work permit in Vietnam. Compared to the States, it's a piece of cake.

Tourists who come here to the US and work are given one hoop to jump thru if they are found out - the one straight towards the docks and deportation. It's pretty difficult to come to the States on a temporary workers' visa; you would have to fit yourself into one of the H-class visas, the bulk of which are given to those with degrees and advanced skills. A college degree and the ability to speak a foreign language means nothing with respect to improving your chances. Furthermore, American work visas require a sponsoring entity. You can't just drop in, find a job and then get a visa. For all the hassles that you go through, just realize that, in the majority of the cases, your home country would not allow anyone to do what you're attempting to do.

Anyhow, back to us - the main piece of documentation that we would need is the criminal background check. That means getting an FBI rap sheet. The procedures are outlined here if you're interested, or in need of one. Also check out the FAQ section concerning the authentication of the rap sheet. It'll take a few weeks, so I guess we should start the process now; it's a bit odd in beginning our preparations already.

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