Friday, September 08, 2006

Busy bee

Thanks to this post by Mel on Antidote to Burnout, in reflection of the "Everyone's an expert" post below, this little blog has experienced a burst in traffic. It clearly demonstrates one truth - that Mel's blog is really darn popular.

It puts me a bit into a quandry though; I wanted to stick some pictures in here, as all this text dulls my eyes. There's a Hanoi-related picture of me that I wanted to put up for friends and family to see, but now that the audience is temporarily broader than that, I guess I will hold off. I'm weary of those internet stalkers that Dateline NBC and its ilk hypes all the time.


layered said...

I always enjoy discovering some small facet of a blogger's personality from pictures or rare personal facts from what they will post contrary to what they usually post about. Of course I try not to extend this small facet into some presumption of what the whole person might be.
I decided long ago that my primary consituency would always be family and friends back home, and if 50 other people are along for the ride, that is OK.
I started blogging with a high sense of identity security, but as I made new friends among fellow bloggers, I slowly relaxed and let more of my identity out. The only thing that I wonder about so far is the images I post coming up on google image searches.
-- Mel

D. said...

Mel - good point. I'll try to leave my photos as generic as possible - i.e. DSCxxxx.jpg or at least leave my name out of the file description - to foil the google image searches.