Sunday, June 08, 2008

Where's My Trailer?

This is a picture of the closing credits to Iron Man.

A bit ago, feeling a mentally tired, I ditched work and headed to the
Megastar Cineplex out in District 5 at the Huong Vuong plaza. As
compared to the one in the Vincomon Hanoi, this one has fewer theaters
but they are a bit bigger individually.

Saw about a third of the movie before I realized that I wasn't
mentally tired, I was just straight up tired and falling asleep. So I
walked out while taking a call on my phone. Would rather be perceived
as an ass who walks out because of a call rather than an ass who
doesn't like Iron Man.

A few days later I went back, this time to the Galaxy Cinema, which is
in District 1. It is not as nice as the Megastar and the opening
inhouse production skit to remind you to be quiet, no smoking, no cell
phones, etc. was a horrifically funny rap number that revolved around
the concept of being a "cultured moviegoer."

Saw the movie, which was pretty good. I am surprised at how quickly
these summer blockbusters are being released over here. Iron Man was
released within two weeks or so of the US release date. Last year,
Transformers and Spiderman and things like that were a month or two
behind. Progress, eh? Or is it just a Saigon vs Hanoi thing?

So why was I taking pictures of the closing credits? Well, in the
States they show a pretty interesting trailer after the movie -
something about The Avengers - so I was waiting around for it while
the rest of the audience left. I was still hangin' about when they
made a cleaning sweep thru the aisles. And then disappointment washed
over me as the screen just went blank. Bummer. The opening rap number
does not really make up for it.

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