Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grass Jelly Drink at Post Office

Went to the main HCMC post office on an errand and before I was
through the skies opened up. I could say I forgot my umbrella but
truthfully I never carry one unless I'm out golfing.

Thought about grabbing a cab, but the curb is so far away, I'll get a
drenching just hailing one.

So I dithered my time away by going thru the souvenir and postal shops
(book of stereotypical postcards are only 6k vnd) and this Yeo's brand
grass jelly drink (also for 6k, but in coins only) from the vending

It looks like a Pepsi and not grass jelly you say? Well, that's
'cause you're expecting the vending technician to stock the right
product in the right vending slots. Can't expect the world ya know.
Just enjoy the Pepsi grass jelly.

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