Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lunch at Sushi Express

Had some nigri and then this katsu.

This place quotes menu prices in USD, and then converts over at 16,400.  Yeah, that's a bit below the black market rate, but is above the official exchange rate, so you pay more in VND than you would expect to.    

I don't like it when places quote in USD.. isn't that illegal, actually?  And they give you a shitty exchange rate and force it upon you if you pay in the country's currency.  This is wholly different from places giving you a shitty exchange rate if you pay in USD - that's your 'fault' for not having the local currency on hand.  The pricing tactic by Sushi Express just says to the customer, screw you, our menu prices are high, but in actuality they are *higher* unless you happen to carry USD.  So basically, all locals and all tourists who's home currency is not USD gets the shaft.

Um, yeah, I'll vote with my feet and not come back here again.  For a 200k lunch (for one), you would imagine they would try a bit harder to not make one feel taken advantage of. 

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Anonymous said...

O my! The name for this restaurant is quite deceiving! I'm from the US and eat sushi quite a bit, but I wanted to share this food with a friend that's never had the pleasure of trying it before. Needless to say, the sushi was absolutely terrible and expensive (for Vietnam standards). I had the sushi boat with tuna, octopus, salmon, roe, etc. along with hot sake. I thought their sushi would be on point, hence the restaurant's name. Nevertheless, after the meal, I felt sick and began suffering a 3 hour long stomach ache that brought me laying in bed on my side til I fell asleep. I tossed and turned as my stomach twisted and churned throughout the night. Never will I waste money here again, unless I really really want a huge stomach ache.