Thursday, June 19, 2008

Business on 747

Flying domestic airlines kinda sucks after being relatively pampered
on Asia-based airlines.
Recently, on my trans-continental trip from LAX to the East Coast, I
was offered the option of buying some crap food for $5. Good thing I
was more interested in satisfying my sleep deprivation than my hunger.

Look at how full your airline tray gets on a simple sub-2 hour flight
on Vietnam Airlines - mains, salad, dessert, roll, drink, coffee/tea,
wine, full compliment of utensils (fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks,
napkin, and of course a toothpick and the mandatory wet nap), full
compliment of condiments (salt, pepper, butter, cream, and of course
hot sauce) - by the time you're thru, the plane is on its descent.

Once you switch over to the international segment on the domestic airlines, it does get better. The service is still not up to the standards of Vietnam Airlines, but it's tolerable.

I was on a United flight and got bumped up to business class - the upper cabin of a Boeing 747, too! - on the international segment. It's pretty neat to sit up there, with the limited number of seats, it feels like you're traveling in real style. Service was decent, but the accommodations felt old and outdated. I had the hardest time with adjusting the seat until I figured out that, unlike the seats on Vietnam Airlines' biz class, these things were manually adjusted. Bummer.

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