Saturday, June 07, 2008

Traditional Vietnamese at Hoang Yen

Here is some Canh Chua Ca (fish sour soup, though it is more like
sweet and sour soup) at a local family style chain restaurant called
Hoang Yen.

The food is really good, but the most interesting thing about this
place is how high the prices are and how popular it is. Here they just
serve regular, everyday Vietnamese food yet one would be hard pressed
to leave this place paying less than ten USD per head for lunch,
exclusive of drinks outside of iced green tea.

Yet it is always full - a crowd of local business type and older
overseas Vietnamese here on business and/or vacation. Considering that
three course set lunchs at mid and upper-market western joints are
eight bucks or so, the pricing here is a bit out of line. But I guess
they cater to different markets... so well done to these local

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