Thursday, October 26, 2006

Everywhere you look

Everywhere I look these days, it seems that VN is around me.

Lounging around a few weekends ago, VA and I happened to catch this travel and cooking show on one of the local PBS stations. It was called Tommy Thai's Let's Get Cooking. Mr. Thai is a regular on PBS cooking shows, according to his site bio, but I had never seen him before.

All I thought was who is this dude and what's he doing in Hanoi? We caught an episode about his search for a crossiant in Hanoi. Checking out the site, it looks like half of this season he'll be in Vietnam (mainly in Hanoi), and then the shooting finished up in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Unfortunately, I missed some of the earlier episodes, including one featuring Bobby Chinn (of the eponymous Bobby Chinn Restaurant); I met Mr. Chinn briefly when we were at his place - a really fine joint that anyone visitor to Hanoi should check out. He's a pretty personable, hand-on type of restauranteur, so he'll stop by tables all night, cajoling you to sample more of his restaurant's skills.

Check your local listings for the PBS show; for the D.C. area, you can catch this show on MPT (Maryland Public Television), at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

[edit: right now, it looks like Tommy Thai's website is down due to hosting issues]


Anonymous said...

Please tell us about the mods you did to the Miada, and what your plans are for an automobile in Vietnam. I've heard street racing is huge over there.

D. said...

The mods that I did were solely for safety reasons to comply with the requirements for on track driving ed events.

I will not be behind a wheel in Vietnam, as there are too many safety and liability issues involved.

Street racing is juvenile and immature whereever it occurs.

Anonymous said...

What kind of track racing did you do in Virginia? I'm interested in racing as well but can't seem to find any organized circuit. Please post any pics that you have. I'm a member of the VA miada club.

D. said...

I don't have many pictures because I was busy behind the wheel and not behind the lens.

I've enjoyed my time with BSR and their Friday-At-The-Track (FATTs), NASA-VA, and the DC Miata group. Hooking up with them will give you many weekend opportunities at Summit Point, VIR and BeaveRun (in Penn.).

NASA would give you entry to amateur road racing, with their Spec Miata classes. Btw, there's no "d" in miata. Here is their link:

Have fun and good luck - I'll (re)join you on the track in a miata in a couple of years.