Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blogroll - ThirstyThong

Here's another one:

thirstythong: not exactly NSFW, this blog is written by three two SF Bay area Viet Kieu - two guys one girl - who are in HCMC. An example of their writing is this post titled Nước Ngon (literally: tasty water), delving a bit into the concept and meaning behind the term mất nước (literal: losing water; conceptually: losing one's roots).


thong said...

Dear VA to VN - we are actually two SF Bay area Viet Kieu, no girl (or pizza place harhar). We're not sure how long we're gonna stay in HCM City because we want to get up to Hanoi but do let us know when you get here so we can rendevous.

thong said...

P.S. What's NSFW? Is that the No Star blog?

D. said...

Ah, your picture(s) on the blog header confused me. I'll get in there and edit it.

I'll drop you a line when I get in town (or in country, I guess) in January.

NSFW = not safe for work.