Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Let's Go..

(a building in the NYC area recently painted, courtesy of Merry Swankster)

Mets! One thing I'll probably miss is catching live sporting events on the t.v. Although I guess I can find it on YouTube or Mojiti or something. Still, memorex ain't like the real thing. Maybe I'll get into snooker on StarTV, though I doubt it.


Linda said...

Thanks, D, for the advice! Although I can't really imagine any casebook brightening my day. :) On an unrelated note, what do you do exactly, and when are you heading to Vietnam?

Linda said...

Hi D, thankfully I don't have a spare 10 minutes, so you're still pretty anonymous to me. :)
It may be a bit improper for me to say this, but I do wish you the best of luck in Vietnam and in your new business endeavours.

Marianne said...

A friend and I recently watched a TV movie called "Perfect Romance" on a Lifetime-equivalent station here. We were hooked. Conversion happens so easily..

By the way, congrats on making the decision to move to Hanoi! See you here soon.