Friday, September 05, 2008

Red Carpet Club in Hong Kong Airport

HKG is another airport that I often go thru - downside, their power plugs are of a unconventional kind (that is, if you're traveling with US and Vietnam adapters) - upside, the free wifi is relatively quick and stable.

Here is United's Red Carpet Club Lounge, which sits on top of the Gucci store in this terminal. Much more lively than SGN's lounge.
I stocked up on some candy and a gin & tonic or two, after I learned on the SGN-HKG leg that the free-booze-on-international-flights-service was canceled. It seems like I harp on that a lot, but man, it sucks to fly on long-haul routes without having a drink, especially when you don't like flying in the first place.

The number on the glass is the United Wifi network's security key. With a number like that, I don't think they change it often. A reference, just in case you can't access the free wifi service thru PCCW that is available.

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