Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheap Internet

I've never really noticed the Internet cafe pricing in Vietnam, because I'm more of an expat than a tourist, but the other day while running some errands I noticed the pricing menu of this joint.

22k for an hour of computer time - that's pretty darn reasonable, and cheaper than AOL's per minute charges back in the day.

The "Internet card" pricing is for an Internet phone calling card, again not too shabby.

I'm sure you can find cheaper access elsewhere, as this was a more 'upscale' joint in a relatively nice ac'ed shopping center in District 1.

Speaking of the Internet, I met this American guy the other day who was here on vacation with his Vietnamese wife of about a year. They met online four years ago, she in HCMC and he in the US. He's of the cohort who would've served here during the war, while she was actually alive on this planet during it, if just barely.

He seemed like a decent enough chap, save for the multiple laments that he had enough of American women's "attitude" - I wish him luck because he obviously doesn't understand Vietnamese women's attitudes!

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