Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pho 2000

I like this place more than Pho24, in part because their menu is more
diverse. Like this grilled pork dish - and the grass jelly drink in
the background. Most of the time it is too hot to stick one's face
over a bowl of noodles anyhow.


Anonymous said...

Just to know the address of Pho 2000. Thank you!

D. said...

There are many in Saigon.

The one near Ben Thanh Market is facing the market, on the western side of the market at the corner of Le Loi/Le Lai street.

The one near Saigon Centre is facing this office and shopping tower. It is on the eastern side of the tower, right across the street at the corner(ish) of Pasteur and Le Loi.