Saturday, April 12, 2008

No Madness in March

So I've written before about the lack of recognizable US sports on the
tube around here in Vietnam. A second March has me revisiting the topic.

I missed yet again all those 'one shining moments' but I guess it's
not the most important thing to miss about the States, and I am not
exactly tolerable when I'm watching a marathon sports session.

Again, as previously noted, one can get live boxing fights that would
be ppv in the US - saw Mayweather dissect Hatton and will be getting
up early to see a 43 year old Bernard Hopkins box tomorrow.

However, most concerning is that my mainstream sports withdrawal has
caused me to watch soccer and cricket! I freakin' know what the heck
an "over" and a "lbw" is (hint: Twenty20 is at least tolerable).

And with help from a dash of insomnia, I watched most of the first
half of the final leg in the Arsenal - Liverpool triology. That foul
in the box was bogus (on replay obviously)!

Soccer would be more enjoyable if the players didn't wuss out on fouls
and complain about playing three 'fixtures' in a ten day period. Half
the time during a match they are jogging around - I want to see how
they would handle an NBA sked.

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