Saturday, April 19, 2008

Indian, again

So it's kinda boring to show yet another Indian lunch, but this time
it is Bombay (I think) on Mac Thi Buoi near the Sun Wah.

What this and the previous post demnostrates, however, is the cool
iPhone tool called Sketches, which allows you to go all Perez Hilton
on your photos, right on the phone. More fun than useful, but
sometimes fun is a useful goal in and of itself.

No links for the software, as you can easily find it under the
Installer package.

I've also managed to install Fring. Some friends have told me they've
had trouble with it but it works fine (with some beta useability
issues) for me. Maybe it is because I had an existing account prior to
hooking it up to this phone.

Also, I only use it to have text chats. It is difficult enough to have
voice chats on Skype over a wired connection in this country, so going
over a public wifi through a third party intermediary like Fring using
a mobile device's CPU is really asking too much I think. But having
multi protocool IM really is useful, and fun.


layered said...

Fring starting working fine for me the day after I installed it. Voice Skype calls drop frequently, though.

Novel use for Sketches you are doing.

Anonymous said...

It's actually on Dong Du street (across from Sheraton)

D. said...

Yeah, no. The first Indian joint was across from the Sheraton. Perhaps that one is called Bombay. These days I don't look at signs, I just stop in to places once I'm tired of walking.

This is "Saigon Indian" on 73 Mac Thi Buoi in D1 within a wedge from the Sun Wah.