Monday, November 27, 2006

VA is Mrs. Smith

'cause, you know, I'm Brad Pitt.

There are posts elsewhere about the celeb sightings. Here's a Getty Images search of all the Brad-and-Angelina-in-HCMC press photos to date. Dude should wear a helmet though.


thong said...

VA - your link to the Bradgeline expose is dead.

Terry said...

hey you should check out this article in this week's LA Weekly -


D. said...

Link fixed.

Terry, thanks for the article - I'll check it out.

Nelly Furtado said...

You could take him off the line. What was your Miata's 0-60 speed?

Preya said...

They look so comfy driving around!

Pao said...

i got a text message from a friend saying that brad and angelina were spotted shopping at Cho Ben Thanh and I was, in fact, in that market buying a nightpack. Sadly, I didn't see them at my favorite market.

My friends then rushed to Park Hyatt to grab a chance to see Brad Pitt (they were girls - so not so much interest in Angelina) but what they didn't know was they had a motorbike waiting for them at the basement. They went on their bike to go to Temple Club for dinner. (Good choice, I must say!)

Heck, my friends knew what their room number at Park Hyatt was. Room 901.

The trick in dealing with the VN motorbike traffic is to stay close to other people on bikes and try your best not to go faster than anyone else. The VN motorbike traffic is crazy... the steady speed, stay close to other bikes trick does it though. :)