Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blogroll - Gamers, Doctors, Techies oh my!

Here are a few more bloggers, mostly found through Technorati, giving a wider array of expat experiences:

AznGamerBoi: twentysomething Flipino who's working in the nascent Vina mmorpg industry, at VinaGames, natch. Located in Saigon.

Real Life Online: twentysomething Flipina who was recruited to VinaGames by her friend, above.

Hanjie: a doctor or medical researcher who is (was?) in Saigon on a technical assistance / research basis.

Some Like it Scott: a graphics artist and designer in Saigon who's helping to further the fashion industry.

SaigonNezumi: a Linux head who is involved in, among other things, the financial sector.


azngamerboi said...

found your comment on gamergirl's blog, followed the link and saw my LJ on your blogroll. thanks for tagging. so... you'll be in VN in 07?

Kevin said...

Thanks for mentioning in your post. I hope you do not mind if I add your blog to my list of Vietnam weblogs.

D. said...

AGB: yes, I'll be in VN in'07. It's looks like it'll be early '07, so in 60ish days or so.

K: of course I don't mind.

Thanks both for dropping by.

Pao said...

and you'll go straight to hanoi?

[g4m3rg1rl] said...

You won't be in Ho Chi Minh? :P

D. said...

Right now, Saigon looks more likely, but Hanoi is still in the cards - that's why I haven't updated the "about me" section as of yet.

[g4m3rg1rl] said...

Cool! ^_^ Ho Chi Minh is where the party's at. Though I heard Hanoi is sooooo beautiful and there's just so much sights to see. I'm going there on the 24th for business and shopping! Weeee~ \o/

Pao said...

Yeah man go for Saigon... although a trip to Hanoi and areas surrounding it is always a treat after getting buzzed by the city. :)