Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hmm, beer


Found this off of YT - an Asahi Beer dispensing machine at the Narita Airport (in the Northwest Lounge).

Speaking of airports, the best airport I've been to is the Beijing Capital International Airport, mainly because you can buy beer out of vending machines. Vending machine beer! And they have a selection too, mainly limited to Yanjing. For 8 or 10 RMBs, which is $1.00-1.25. It was a great way to use up all the coins I accumulated prior to departing the country.

Contrast this with Nội Bài airport in Hanoi. This place kinda sucked 'cause I couldn't find a cold soda anywhere. The gift counters on the main level sold knicknacks and room temperature soda. Only in the sole eatery in the whole joint, on the second floor, can you find a cold drink. $2 for a soda, which isn't bad for an airport, I guess. But Bejing spoiled me. Nội Bài needs to join the communist revolution and get some vending machines.

Speaking of Nội Bài, all this time I thought it was (translated) "Place to Fly" or basically "airport," in third grade speak. Little did I know that airport is "Nơi Bay" and the name of the airport is completely different. Darn diacritical marks!


Aviva said...

You're not kidding about Noi Bai, it's crap. As for that cafe you mentioned on the ground floor, don't even think about ordering the hot dogs. Hungry though you may be.
They are really trying to clean up the highway into town (ie. get rid of water buffaloes and roadside bread vendors) for the big APEC meet this month. Should be interesting for you to see the changes!

I fly between Bangkok and Hanoi monthly now, and trust me, Suvarnabhumi airport is indeed the future.
Where else could you find Burger King, Hindu gods, Swatch watches and traditional Thai puppetry all in one place??

See you in Hanoi,

Aviva said...

that's aviva, miss west if you're nasty

D. said...

Thanks for the comments; I definitely head to Bangkok when I'm in the region - why the heck not, right? Saw the swanky airport photo's on SomeLikeItScott's blog and it sure looks the part.

Anonymous said...

How will you watch Jets game in Vietnam? Leon Washington is quick off the line son.

D. said...

Youtube clips or bit torrent the sucker. It's not like I'm catching games in DC.

Leon Washington runs into walls, son. But Laveranues is having a nice season, hooking up with the weak armed one.

Anonymous said...

Jets need a QB with a quick release?

How are Starbury and Franchise going to do this year? Your game reminded me a lot of Franchise in his prime, except you had a quicker release.

D. said...

Penny is fine; I like Penny and he's capable enough to get to the SB. Defensive and offensive lines need more players and development.

Starbury has a foot injury, after rocking his $14.98 shoes. So my game is like Franchise - I jack up ill advised threes and miss? Nice.

Anonymous said...

No you take it strong to the hole, and like the one one one game. You also have a me first attitude on the court, except when you drive and dish.

Is the foot injury similar to the one you sustained after running the marathon?

D. said...

As they say, there's no "I" in team, but there certainly is "ME."

Dunno what his injury is like, but I've never had a foot injury in my life.

Anonymous said...

What's your favorite beer and why?

What is the most populat sport in Vietnam and will you be taking it up?

D. said...

Favorite beer? Something cold and in my hands :)

I do have a special affinity for Guinness, JW Dundee's Honey Brown Ale and Miller High Life. An electic mix of things you can pick up at the local grocer. Availability is a big issue for me - I'm a beer drinker, not a beer snob.

The most popular participatory sports in Vietnam seems to be soccer, badminton and volleyball. I'll probably play some of those sports, but I think I'll spend most of my time golfing. I am getting old like that.