Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tone Deaf Karaoke

As you would expect, karaoke is popular in Vietnam. It is often the topper to an evening out with the entire staff for businesses (neé enterprises, in the local English vernacular). It is of course popular here in the States too, but to a lesser extent. It seems to be bifurcated here - college kids and hipsters goofing and having fun and pre-AARPs belting tunes in their living rooms.

I'm a very reluctant karaoke artist, and VA is thankful for that. She accuses me of being tone deaf. Today, I have response, with proof, that I'm not tone deaf, I just don't sing well. I took this online Tone Deaf Test, courtesy of the personal site, who's a med student with a musical background. 69.4% puts me in the upper tier of "good musical ability."

[via LifeHacker]


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget D's rendition of "I'm like a bird" at Cafe Japone.

Nelly Furtado at the 9:30 club, son.

D. said...

Anon, you've stumped me on trying to figure out who you are. The only people I know who talk like you write are work colleagues, but they aren't familiar with Cafe Japone.

This reminds me of a time when a college buddy emailed me out of the blue..

Anonymous said...

I beat your Miata off the line, son. I taught you how to install a roll bar.

D. said...

So you're Bill Cardell? Sweet. How's Grand Junction in the fall? /sarcasm

Because I wrench on my own, the miata was supa fast, and I'm pretty certain I don't have a split personality disorder, I would have to assume you're lying off your ass. Nice try though.

Nelly Furtado said...

Did you get my latest CD? I heard that you were a member of my fan club.