Friday, August 04, 2006

It's not that hot in Hanoi

My biggest complaint about our Asia trip was the heat - little did I know that the US would be hit with a massive heat wave after we came back. It got to about 38 C today here in D.C., and we always have humidity in the summer. Today, Hanoi hit 26 C and tomorrow it'll be about 30 C. Maybe it's not so hot there after all.

VA says that we shouldn't worry about the heat in Hanoi - after all, we'll mostly be going from one air conditioned box to another. Plus, it's not as if I have to wear a suit there.

Speaking of AC'ed boxes, here is what the company car may look like. With tariffs and the like, this little bugger is about $35K USD. With the WTO acession coming later this fall, perhaps the prices will tumble downward.

I've noticed that just within the past two weeks, a number of the auto companies have removed their pricing info on their Vietnamese websites. Here are two quirky cool vehicles with pre-WTO prices of $8.5k and $15k respectively, the Diahatsu Hi-Jet and the Suzuki Wagon-R:

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