Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take out Pho

There is a lot to like about the national noodle dish of Vietnam, pho, but one thing about this relatively quick meal is that it is difficult to buy it to go, or so I thought.

Here is how Pho24 does its takeout:

The whole shebang, pre-assembly.  Note how many plastic containers one get just for one simple bowl of noodles.  Man, how much does this kill their margins?

This is the top vessel, containing the rice noodles and the meat portion.  This was the pho bo dac biet (special beef pho) version, I think.

Enter the veggies, mostly bean sprouts and sliced white onions and other sundries.

Don't forget the greenery.

Be careful with the splashing when you pour in the MSG goodness.  

A multitude of containers, keeping the cold side cold, the hot side hot.  This is like the McDLT or something.  And you know how that went in the marketplace.  


liz said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, this is the standard take-out mode...i've used the same in the US, Canada and France. If you have any better idea of serving take-away pho, let me know.

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liz said...

how do you add people to your blogroll? how do you find a blog roll? this is actually really much more difficult for me to figure out than i guess it should be. i accept and respect your pitiful handful of readers. from my three to yours.

D. said...

I have no suggestion as to how to serve take away pho in a better manner.

If you "pre-mix" it at the store, like let's say wonton noodle soup, or chicken noodle soup, then the more delicate rice noodles could break down by the time the customer gets to eating it. It just seems like that is a lot of plastic containers for one simple meal.

Jon said...

Indeed, pho needs to be mixed and eaten soon thereafter. I prefer my noodles on the ever-so-chewy side. Mush pho is not gooood.