Thursday, October 02, 2008

Obama Eats Dog Meat

I was reading a Slate's piece about the Asian-American voting bloc, titled "Chinese Democracy: Why Don't We Ever Hear About the Asian-American Vote?

The basic thesis is that the Asian-American "bloc" gets ignored because it doesn't really exist due to the heterogeneity of this group - apparently the diversity within the Asian-American group is as diverse as America itself.  Interestingly, Slate suggests that the only states where Asian-Americans could be swing voters are Nevada and Virginia.    

One  link out of that Slate piece was to Jeff Yang's article in the SFGate, "Could  Obama Be The First Asian American President?"

I didn't know that Obama lived for a period of his childhood in Indonesia - I guess that is one of the sources for the false Muslim accusations.  His stepfather at that time was a Muslim Indonesian.  I'm relatively in tune with the news, but, outside of his Kansas hometown / Harvard Law Review / South Side community organizer / Illinois State Rep and Senate posts, I haven't learned much about the guy from his 18 months of campaigning.  On the flip side, I've read half of Bill Clinton's book and half of Hillary's book.  Throw a sex scandal in Obama's life and I'll promise to read at least half of his autobiography as well!

Here's a shout-out to the sizeable Vietnamese-American community in Virginia - vote for Obama because he has eaten dog meat!  One of the things I share with the dude.  

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