Thursday, October 09, 2008

Asian Chicken Soup

In the States you have chicken soup, or perhaps matzo ball, if you're sick. In Vietnam and Southern China, it's chao/jook/congee.

I had some streetside seafood in the Pham Ngu Lao area, followed by a few drinks over quiz night (note: be suspicious of iPhone toting folks at quiz night!). The next morning I woke up sick as can be.

Perhaps it was the clams, or the beers in glasses cleaned on the sidewalk, or those vodka red bulls. Who knows?! But now isn't the time to look back and play the blame game. I'm a Maverick! And I'm puking.

When I was finally comfortable enough to eat, I went around looking for some plain rice porridge and ended up at my fave Vietnamese hawker stand. Ordered a bowl with no meat, extra ginger and some pickled eggplants on the side. Finished that and had another. Totalled 27k and it was the best money that I've spent in a while.

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