Friday, August 01, 2008

Stymied by the Rain

Was hungry, so I took a short walk to grab some dinner. Got a block
away from my destination and I encountered this flooded intersection,
just off Dong Khoi in District 1. Normally, you don't see this area
being this inundated with standing water.

I'm still hungry, because this was an impasse on foot. I might have
tried if I had flip-flops on, because I've got my shots and all, but,
alas, I wasn't on vacation.

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SaigonNezumi said...

Hey D,

This was a similar scene all across Saigon today. I left Mekong Securities at 6:30 PM to head to my house in the Phu Nhuan District. I spent nearly 1 and a half hours near an intersection on Tran Quang Khai street.

When I finally got to Hai Ba Trung, cars will still backed up at 8 PM. After I crossed the bridge to the Phu Nhuan District, there was a huge backup.

Motorbikes (Mios, Classicos, Attilas, etc.) were all parked on the side of the road. Ha Bai Trung was underwater a little below knee deep. Only the Nouvos, Hayates, Jupiters, SHs, the big bikes, were going through the water. I made it okay but on the otherside of the water, guys and gals were pushing their flooded Waves out of the water. Most of the small cars were flooded.

It was an interesting day.