Monday, August 11, 2008

Soft Shell Crabs at Quan 94

I was seeking something new to eat the other week, so I heeded advice from the Gastronomer on the blog gas•tron•o•my.

This place is betwixt District 1 and District 3 - it seems like all the decent, everyday-eatery type of places are in District 3. They are certainly few and far between in D1, which is unfortunate, because that is where I tend to pound the pavement.

The restaurant is one of those typical open-front deals - you don't sit on the street, but it's open to the street and the ventilation consists of fans only. This place also sports the modern "open" kitchen concept.

The main thing on offer is crab - and it's quite popular. I was here for a late lunch on a weekday and the place was nicely filled with local folks and family. Locals are not known for late weekday lunches - late weekday coffee is more popular - so filling the joint during this time period is rare.

The above is a crab-and-shrimp glass noodle dish. Prices have gone up since Gastronomer's writeup in the local expat magazines.. I think it is 70k now. Still quite the bargain because there is more seafood than noodles in the dish.

The main course for me was the soft shell crabs - I ordered the tamarind ones.  You can't really see it under all those onions though.  Pretty good, tart and sour.  About 70-80k also.  So similarly priced to that soft shell crab place in District 1, but this joint is more down home and therefore tastes better.

Too bad the Gastronomy blog will see its author head back to the States - I guess I'll just have to cull the archives for more suggestions.    

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