Sunday, June 24, 2007

Korean Trip Pictures - Seoul

Some pictures, 'cause we finally got our film 'developed.'

Another view from the hotel. That is Gyeonbokgung Palace. Seoul is surrounded by mountains, which I didn't know about. Very scenic for an urban area.

Cheonggyecheon River going thru downtown Seoul. It's basically man-made and is insanely popular on late weeknights and weekends. Come here and see old and young alike slough off their kicks and soak their feet. Yeah, don't drink the water.

Mini coin-op games for the kids coming back from school. This little residential street juts off from a main business thoroughfare downtown.

The Palace guards.

A building within the Palace grounds. These buildings have been maintained (i.e. rebuilt) more rigorously than say the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. On the one hand, it's nicer and more vivid, on the other hand one doesn't feel the same reverence. There is something to be said for touching objects that are a thousand years old, like the turtle steles at the Temple of Literature.

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