Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Visa For You!

And this is a good thing. As part of the President of Vietnam's historic visit to the US, he announced in NYC that as of September 1, 2007, VKs are no longer required to get visas to enter Vietnam. That's about a $100+ savings per 6 month visa.

So now (or soon, at least), VKs will be treated like citizens of ASEAN countries for visa purposes. Sweet.


SaigonNezumi said...

That means that every six months when the traffic police pulls you over, he will know you have an extra $100+ to give him as a fine :-)

D. said...

Haha, that may be true. I would just pretend to be Chinese American or something, to throw them off the scent. Then again, I don't drive around here either.

Preya said...

That's so annoying. I think I deserve the same courtesy gosh darnit.