Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ruse of Law

So Bush commuted a felon's sentence, even before he had served one day of it (which, by the way, goes against the DOJ's guidelines on commutation). The felon, of course, just happen to have worked for him.

Putting aside all issues of political and Constitutional propriety, incidents like this - and there are tons under this Administration - just goes to demonstrate how little difference there are between most governments in the world.

For all the hue and cry about corrupt commercial practices in Vietnam, you see a the same in a place like America. Sons and daughters of Prime Ministers here make money based on their filial relations, but isn't that the case everywhere? The Texas Rangers, the Carlyle Group. Those are but two inheritance generating enterprises.

To be sure, there is a bit less freedom of political speech here, and there is likely less religious freedoms. But the local papers do criticize local and regional politicians and there is a busy corner in Hanoi that I pass everyday where people gather to protest government actions (such as the taking of their home and land without adequate recompense). And the Catholic churches overflow on Easter and other holidays, allowed to operate freely so long as it doesn't interfere with government

On the other hand American politicians have no compunction about removing demonstrators at political events, government takings happen unfairly everywhere (Kelo v. New London, anyone?), and the Evangelical takeover of the US government hasn't exactly gone well.

People in power exert and perpetuate their powers. Sometimes, that just seems a bit more honest here.

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