Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Martini Review: Pane E Vino

* Location: Pane e Vino - (nearby) Hanoi Opera House.
* Size: small cocktail glass, and not to the brim.
* Olives: one, green.
* Taste: after navigating through a bit of floating ice (Pane e Vino, meet strainer, strainer, Pane), it tasted like a lemon drop. This country has heard of a martini, right?
* Price: 3.5 USD. This is Vietnam. Why is the menu priced in a foreign currency? And besides, isn't trading in US dollars illegal or something?
* Synopsis: 0 of 5 stars, because I think it was vodka and not gin in this lemon drop.


Thong said...

I didn't know you were a martini fan. Now I know we were meant to be friends.

laxtosgn said...

I've had a hard time finding good martinis in Vietnam as well. That's why I just stick to the cheap (but strong) Vietnamese Vodka... "Ruou Cang Long" mix that with redbull and some lime.. and take it as a shot. Ngonlicious.

D. said...

I'm too old to do shot; I like to get drunk with a pretense of class.

I am going to find the best and worst martinis in town. So far, there are ample candidates vying for the worst slot.

Preya said...

I am no martini expert, but I like the ones at Bobby's. They even ask you which Vodka you prefer.