Friday, April 06, 2007

Daily Read

Being in Vietnam has made me read a lot more than I used to. After all, there is hardly any decent tv on (about 6 channels of English language tv - mainly Star World stuff, CNN World, Discovery and ESPN - they killed off our feed of Bloomberg for another channel of CCTV!).

We haven't really done the whole pirated DVD scene, 'cause the crappy copies don't play so well on our computers. We've been to Megastar Cinema probably once a week since being here - this week is out though, as the new film opening is Cedric the Entertainer's cop flick. No thanks.

So what am I reading? Not books, for one thing. Mainly news accounts, such as this NYT piece about the Korematsu kids defending against the current day legal internment policies of the US government. While I've always heard that Justice Douglas "regretted" his decision in Korematsu, this interview transcript goes into more detail about his regret.

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