Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Martini Review: KOTO

It's difficult to find a nice martini around town. Here's my little search for one.

  • Location: KOTO (Know One, Teach One) - 59 Van Mieu
  • Size: a jigger short in a full sized cocktail glass
  • Olives: three black canned olives. WTF?
  • Extraneous: a twist of lime zest. Did I order a gin and tonic or something?
  • Temp: adequately cool.
  • Taste: ok, but odd. Missed the brine of green olives and got the cardboard/tin of black olives instead.
  • Price: 55k or so.
  • Synopsis: 1 of 5 stars, the minimal rating for something with gin in it.

1 comment:

Preya said...

Black olives belong on pizza and in Greek salads. Not in a martini! OMG.