Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Pictures

Recent random images:

A sign outside the Dong Da market in the Old Quarter, for VA's bemusement.

Chaly Time.

Everyday view. Dual screens means you have more real estate to do less work.

A view on the weekend - Hanoi Opera House. Actually, we were pretty much right in front, with the Singaporean conductor's odd choice of fabric for his suit distracting me the entire night. Darn fashionistas.

Ssadest, Ssorriest looking passenger vehicles in the world. I can't believe they put it in production; I am flabbergasted that folks actually choose to buy them. They list for $30k USD, which is reasonable for a car that is not lilliputian. There are quite a number of these eyesores around, in part 'cause I live in a Korean ex-pat neighborhood.


Kevin said...

Damn Mac Users!!!


yeap, more real estate to do less work!


Thong said...

Steve Jobs is god.

Thong said...

D - help and remind me about those vietnamese classes. i'll get back to ha noi april 12ish and i'll ask around for you then. Cheers homez.