Sunday, March 04, 2007

Belated Tet Pictures

The necessary interior decorative element in Hanoi for Tet, a "Hoa Dao" branch (peach blossom). It flowers and sprouts leaves if one waters it, particularly with the rinse water when preparing rice. In HCMC, you're more likely to see Hoa Mai instead, which blooms white or yellow.

Flowers at the market outside the temple/shrine at Westlake.

One of many stalls lining the road to the shrine. Take care to select your purchases because after offering it to the spirits, you take it back home and eat it. No waste here.

One of the four shrines at the temple. Most of the folks here would categorize themselves as Buddhists, but it is more like Confucianism. If I remember correctly, this shrine was to ask for better intellect.

Who said Westlake couldn't be traversed by foot?

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Thong said...

Lord knows I need to go to that temple.