Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More Switching News

Some more Apple-centric info for myself:
  • place to buy Apple hw in Hanoi: FPT at 1A Yet Kieu Street, Hoan Kiem, 84-4-9420886
  • if you run dual monitors, you'll want this freeware gadget, DejaMenu, which allows for hotkey menus on the "daughter" screen.
  • in Excel, the windows F2 key is replaced by Ctrl-U


Thong said...

Do they got MacBooks, Mac Minis, etc.? I assume they cover AppleCare as well. Please say yes D.

D. said...

Give them a call; they had brochures for 17 iMacs, and had some stuff on display, including a older Powerbook.

I was looking for something real specific and didn't look around so much.