Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You Down With O.P.P. ?

I know I'm getting old 'cause golf now is a sport and I revel in hypocrisy - Chain Hang Low is obnoxious and uncouth while O.P.P. is somehow still fun and light (video here).

Because I'm not in VN yet, you know I'm down with Other Peoples'... Pictures. The first just seems like how a vietnamese sandwich would be interpreted in the Windy City, 'cept they forgot the celery salt. It's from a travel blog by AdamandEva.

This second one is just a great shot - unfortunately, I forgot the source, so no attribution for now.

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Pao said...

The banh mi!

In Ha Noi and some parts of Sai Gon, you'll also find kebab (pretty much like shawarma) sandwiches sold at a reasonable 10K VND.

Here's a picture I took of people crazy about banh mi at 6AM: