Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Got our tickets - Part 2

We recently just bought our tickets to Vietnam, again. Once the tickets are purchased, the official countdown clock can begin in earnest. Approximately 45 days or so, which upon further thought, makes me go 'whoa.'

It's also a bit odd to buy a one-way ticket. If Vietnam has an equivalent DHS, then we would be placed on some watchlist for sure. But they're a practical lot, not likely to waste money on bogus data-mining and profling measures that amount to nothing... but I digress.

Anyhow, we purchased our tickets thru - they seem to have good deals for international travel to Asia, better than Travelocity or Orbitz and their brethren. The website is not great for online purchases; best bet is to use them for research and call for more definitive info and purchasing.

Because I hate it when folks say they got a 'decent deal' and do not reveal how much they paid, fyi, the one -way ticket cost (including airport, 9/11 and all other surcharges) a bit under $650. We don't fly a bunch and therefore do not comparison shop all that much, but for a flight from the East Coast of the US to Vietnam, arriving a few weeks before Tết 2007 (Feb. 18th), that fee is not so bad.

When I called, I thought they were using an outsourced data center for a second, before I realized the woman was actually sitting in L.A. and just knew Japanese also. It's odd how one's mind works in a "Flat World." ;)

I don't know where I picked up the info of GatewayLAX, but it may have come from, a travel portal blog by an expat there. I'm not sure if that was the source, but thanks if it was.

[edit: another place to check out for tickets is Himalayan Tours.]


Pao said...

650usd is not bad! :)

my roundtrip, one-year dated ticket cost me 591usd. to my dismay, i found out that there are times when vietnam airlines publishes a roundtrip ticket to paris and back to hanoi/saigon at 800usd++.

hope to welcome you soon to vietnam. which way are you going though? SG or HN?


D. said...

Going to SGN.

We were trying to get a RT, open return but it was exceedingly difficult to find a reasonable price on that. Besides, given the state of some US airlines, who knows if the ticket would be honored in a year.

Kevin said...

Wow, you got a great fare. I bought my tickets through through an airline consolidator. Round trip price was around $1200 from Seattle-Tokyo-Singapore-Saigon. Yeah, a long flight.

I forgot to extend the return date on my ticket so I lost it :-(

Terry the Viet said...

45 days? Like Joey Lawrence I gotta say "Whoa."