Saturday, December 02, 2006

Typhoons Stink

Maybe that's why it's named "Durian." After crossing the Phillipines (and Luzon island in particular) and causing substantial death and destruction, it's now on track across the South China Sea for Vietnam, possibly. I didn't know that hurricanes (American-speak for typhoons) are so destructive in SE Asia till I started to pay attention to the region these past six months. Xangsane and now this.

Maybe everyone will luck out and the worse that Durian will do henceforth is to sprinkle the VN coast in manna from cargo ships, like these Doritios landing in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. One should be so lucky.

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Pao said...

i'm sorry for my country -- Philippines -- as it's the 2nd big storm that hit it this year.

however, forecasts that said durian will hit saigon (specifically) failed. we anticipated durian's entry into saigon and the wait was futile.

lucky saigon!