Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Martini: Sheraton (Saigon)

The best bet(s) for a martini in Vietnam is from an internationally managed hotel.  Here is the Sheraton's version - it's pretty good and the extra olive comes without having to ask.  However, it is kinda small for my taste.  As you can see, there is PLENTY of space in the glass for me.  C'mon Sheraton dudes!

I think it's $8 USD or so, ++.  "++" for those who are unfamiliar means the abomination of +10% tax and +5% service charge. 

Speaking of local hotels, two have swapped their branded management - the Omni Saigon now goes by the unfortunate name of Movenpick - I thought it was a typo when I saw the signage in the papers.  

What a god-awful name.  Yes, I know it's Swiss or something like that, but...  it sounds like some sorta combo betwixt a Costco and Public Storage.  The former M Hotel (nee Guoman Hotel) in Hanoi will also become a Movenpick.  And the Amara Saigon has been taken over by local hotel management and renamed the Ramana - sounds pretty much the same if you say it in Vinglish.  

I wonder if their martinis will change.          

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