Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Pot for One

Recently I found a place that serves hot pot for one - it's been a
long while since I've had - ok, maybe not that long as I did have that
nasty goat bit - but it's been a while. I really like hot pot because
it is not something readily available in the States. Here, even your
local Pho24 joint serves it (umm.. shouldn't it be Pho&Lau24 now?).

Downside to hot pot is that you sweat like a pig and you have to
gather a crew of people before ordering it. That's what makes this
new discovery kinda cool.

This was served in the air conditioned food court at Eden Mall in D1.
Pretty good, but the serving size is a teensy small. Perhaps what I
needed was hot pot for two.

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