Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another Holiday

This past week saw another holiday season here in Vietnam, with the April 30th (Reunification Day) and May 1st (May Day - e.g. equivalent to the US Labor Day, but for the rest of the world) holidays falling mid-week.  That basically meant that everyone was off of work.  

The ex-pats professionals mostly took off and hitched flights out to visit home and family in their distant lands.  Locals took this time to hit the beaches, or to return to their provinces in case they missed it during the last Tet season.  I took this time to work a bit, and to, naturally, hit the golf course.

Went to Vung Tau's Paradise Golf Course with a group of friends.  We drove, so I didn't get a chance to take the hydrofoil to Vung Tau, which is probably the highlight of any Vung Tau trip.  It was a rainy, semi-miserable day, so I kinda felt bad for the Saigonese who made the trek to Vung Tau for their miniscule, but proximate, beaches.  As for us, we would golf in torrential downpours, so the weather wasn't much of a bother.

The Vung Tau golf course is reputedly the oldest course in Southern Vietnam - the oldest is supposedly Dalat G.C., which is in the central.  This course is the junkiest course I've played in Vietnam, and is on par, conditions-wise, with average municipal courses in the States.  I wouldn't come back, but it was neat to play right next to the ocean.   

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