Monday, November 12, 2007

Looking For A Job?

Lately I have been looking at a lot of resumes in Vietnam and have been baffled by most of them. I understand that English is not the first language here, but most of these folks are submitting CVs and cover letters created in some sort of word processing program - would it be so difficult to utilize the spell check button?

Worse of all is the internally inconsistent spelling error. It's a bit understandable to say 'I beleive I will be a great asset to the company' on one hand, but it is unacceptable to follow that up later with 'I believe I am qualified for the advertised position.' That just shows that the writer did not proof read and is not remotely detailed oriented.

Perhaps it's the local school system. I remember going to resume writing and job interview workshops prior to graduating. From the looks of things, and from asking around, it sounds like the universities around here do not do any of that.
I have interviewed folks who are completely unprepared, or who do not even show up at their appointed time. It may be harsh, but the latter's resume does not go into a round filing cabinet, it goes into a black-list folder. It's not personal, just business.

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Tisiwoota said...

Sounds like a great opportunity to offer to speak at some universities about resume/interview techniques...