Thursday, May 31, 2007

Local Drinks

Here are some local interpretations of drinks.

First up is Highland Coffee's version of a "to-go" order. They place a plastic t-shirt grocery bag type of hammock around your drink. Designed to hang from hooks on all those ubiquitous motos. I guess motos do not have cupholders as of yet.

This is a local market Pepsi flavor, Cafe Da (Iced Coffee). I expected some coffee with a Pepsi kick. Instead it was some sort of weird Pepsi, made all the more odd because it did not have any sort of coffee flavor at all.

Last is the (blurry) back of a Coca-Cola can. Coke here tastes a bit too sweet compared to what my palate remembers. I attribute it to the fact that Coke here still uses sugar, not corn syrup. I think the States stopped having real sugar in Coke sometime in the early 80s. Long live ADM and the corn lobby!

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SaigonNezumi said...

Wow, Pepsi Da is actually Vanilla Pepsi. I thought they stopped selling it in Vietnam.