Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hanoi's Augusta

or so they intend - Van Tri Golf club.

The pictures look pretty nice and they supposedly will stick to their 400 members, no visitors policy (member guests are ok, obviously). Membership is at $35k USD, which is sort of in line with the other courses up here, but this one has the added benefit of being 30 minutes closer to Hanoi CBD than any other course (until the golf course in Ciputra is built, that is), and having no visitors running around (i.e. ruffians like me).

However, I have doubts as to how they expect to run this place on what is essentially a $14M endowment (400x$35k), not to mention paying for the development costs. Unlike the States, memberships in Vietnam typically demand relatively minuscule annual dues, on the order of $1k or so. Good luck maintaining the beautiful sand bunkers on this budget, much less the greens.

Perhaps they're banking on having profits from the housing lots prop up the course costs - but why would anyone prefer to buy a house on a course where they can't be a member? Something has got to give here.. and when it does, I'll be one of the first daily fee guests playing this thing :)


Nelly Furtado said...

What's you handicap son? You couldn't handle Haines Point -- how are you supposed to handles this course. Stick to street ball kid.

D. said...

Glad to see Nelly is back.

The 'cap is 25 or so, which is atrocious, I know. I need to learn how to use the foot wedge more effectively.

Nelly Furtado said...

I'm like a bird kid. Have you been playinig any hoops? If so, how's the trash talking over there?

I'd also like to see a review of cigars you've had in Nam. I know that you're a big fan of a nice cigar, and were always upset you couldn't get the Cubans over here (although your boy had a secret stash).