Saturday, January 13, 2007

Five Reasons Why Apple iPhone Will Fail

As the hubbub of Apple's iPhone previewing dies down, folks are looking a bit beyond the snazzy interface. After inital interest on my part, here are five reasons why Apple will not be the company phone:
  1. Cannot buy "unlocked" phones and hacks to unlock will be tamped down by boots from Cupertino - monopoly is not just a Redmond thing;
  2. Won't sell to Europe till Q42007, Asia till 2008 - largest phone markets will snap up Nokia and HTC catchup models instead;
  3. No 3G - just (the) EDGE, in 2008? I've always disliked U2;
  4. You can't install software on it - no Skype for you (or Office, Outlook);
  5. Non-user-replaceable battery - only meant for power(ed-by-USB cable) users.
That's a short run down of why I believe the iPhone, in its current specification, is not culturally sensitive to the business sector, a group that has an appetite for expensive communication devices. P.S. RIMM closed at 133 today.

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