Monday, January 22, 2007

As the Days Dwindle

Wow, what a great day of football. VA was even encouraging me to watch, a rarity. Two black coaches representing the nice guy clique in professional sports. The sports media are gonna go hysterical with proclaiming this historic, but it's just a cool thing. Now, will someone give Norm Chow a head coaching gig?

It's only a coupla days till the flight, so we're buttoning things up here. VA's last day at work was on Friday, and she was emotional about it, 'cause she's a rare gem who actually really enjoys what she does. I hope to be that lucky one of these days. Or maybe she hates her job but just doesn't wanna go to VN.

We threw a 'see ya in a coupla years' party the other day and a whole host of friends who came on by were playing around with the notion of visiting us. C'mon down, we'll start up a B-n-B just for ya. I promise to have more food than last night. (sorry about the lack of food dudes).

And it finally snowed here, first snow this winter. DC is considered the South, but it is supposed to snow once in a while. While melting snowcaps are better indicators of environmental change than warm winters, the average person is more experiential than scientific in their outlook. A couple more of these indian winters and those El Nino explanations will not be enough.

Lastly, we nailed down details for our short sojourn in SGN before heading up north. The Company will pay for the hotel. It'll be 70,000VND. $5 bucks. Living high on the hog, courtesy of the expense account. This is the ngot life.


Preya said...

Did you watch the colts-pats game? I guess I'm happy for the Colts, but I am now the biggest Bears fan! Have a great flight!

thong said...

I was talking to my friend on instant message as he updated me on the on the last two minutes of the game.

I'm calling it now, Obama takes it in 08. Before you know it, black will be the new white.

D. said...

I saw about 2.5 quarters of the Bears game, interspersed throughout. Caught most of the highlights live, save for that Bush touchdown.

Caught the last three and a half minutes of the Colts game, which was as interesting as the news copy would have one believe.

Chicagoland and I know each other a bit, so I'll be rooting for the Bears I gather. A good game would be fun too.

P, you're rooting against the Colts 'cause you don't want anyone other than the Broncos to win out of the AFC? As a Jets fan, I was on the anyone-but-the-Pats bandwagon.

Haiying said...

You have great potential as owner of B-n-B. Have it ready by 2008. Gman & I will stop by on our way to my motherland. hm

D. said...


In VN, (nearly) all the meat is free range I imagine. So there won't be any limitations on our BnB menu. Expect expat prices though, but you know it's worth it, if only for my illustrious company.

Pao said...


looks like you're all prepped and ready to go.

Wait, you will be staying in SGN before you head to Hanoi. Did I get that right? How long will you be staying here in the south?