Monday, March 24, 2008

Vietnam - home to great Indian fare

We eat a lot of Indian food back home because in a lot of ways it is
very similar to Southern Chinese food - lots of carbs and full of spice.

The good Indian places here are better than at home. There is Khazanna
up in Hanoi and now Ali Baba down here in HCMC.

Tasty, white tablecloths, and reasonably priced. What more can you want?

Speaking of India, I was listening to the Indian Consulate the other
day give his impression of Vietnam and her people to some of his

He was praising the Vietnamese for their recognition and appreciation
of India as a culture and now as a economic and military power. He was
also saying how mentally tough the locals are, and what string
fighters they have been throughout their history. This isn't something
you often hear from foreign diplomats, but maybe that's just because
we're Americans.

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