Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Power of Government

Walking back from breakfast this morning, I noticed something was odd, then it hit me. Mostly everyone on a moto was wearing a helmet. Then it hit me, it's December 15th.

Even the dude riding next to me.. as I was strolling home. I guess the helmet law even applies when you ride on the sidewalk. The only guy that I saw not wearing a helmet was a dude riding sissy on a bike. He was in full army gear, natch.


Preya said...

The question is how long will it last?

Mai - said...

Can't believe I spent the whole evening reading your blog. I am Vietnamese, just moved to VA, working in DC after grad school in the Midwest, so basically, we traveled in opposite directions, moving from one country's capital to the other's.

Actually, I was looking for blogs about expats experience in VA and DC but came across your blog, which is definitely an interesting read and nice updates about Hanoi from an American perspective.

Anyway, if you have any tips about life in VA in general and Alexandria in particular, I'd really appreciate it since I am totally new to this area.
Thanks and best!

D. said...

P: I think it will last a good long while. Even down south the reports of helmet usage is the same, so I don't think the summer heat will lower usage rates. It's like the seatbelt laws in the US, only there's more initial acceptance of it here.

M: haha, hope it wasn't a waste of your evening! Life in DC is great, except you're probably wallowing in the snow and ice storms of these few weeks.

By now you should've found Eden Center, which is the center of Vietnamese American life in the DC area. If you haven't, it is at Seven Corners - the intersection of Route 50, Route 7, Wilson Boulevard and two other dinky roads. From Alexandria, take Rt 7 up towards Tyson's Corner - it's 10-15 minutes before Tyson's. Closest metro is East Falls Church, and a 10 minute walk.

Enjoy the green space in and around DC. That is something that I greatly miss, and it's definitely more varied than the Midwest (I've lived there also!).

Check out all the local parks, the Shenandoahs (only an hour away), or the hiking in Maryland (also an hour or so), or the beaches in Delaware (2 hrs) or the marshes in the Chesapeake Bay.

Can you tell I miss home?

Mai said...

Thank you D for all the great local tips. I'll definitely check those places out. Yeah, I will miss the green here when I am back to VN though.
I should start a blog called "VN to VA" soon but it's kinda lame to copy your idea, haha. (But if I do, you'll definitely get credit, lol)

SaigonNezumi said...

Well, I am beginning to see a few people riding their motorbikes without their helmets here in Saigon. One guy even rode ride in front of the traffic police on Dien Bien Phu yesterday.

I think people are getting frustrated right now. I am curious to see what happens on Dec. 24th and 25th when people go out on their motorbikes in droves.