Saturday, October 13, 2007

Entrepreneur's Day

Today, October 13th, is Entrepreneur's Day. Yet another holiday that's new to me.

So what does one do to celebrate Entrepreneur's Day (also known as Businessperson's Day)? Well, I'm doing what most entrepreneurs do - I'm off to play golf!

There are a bunch of holidays here that aren't celebrated in the States (obviously), but surprisingly a lot of them match up in terms of being in the same general time of year. Besides giving me a break from work, Federal holidays, like US sporting events, help to mark the time.

You have President's and MLK days to ease you from the post-Xmas/NYE malaise. You have Memorial Day to start summer, July 4th to reflect wistfully that you've wasted the summer indoors, Labor Day to wrap things up, Halloween to motivate you to clean up the leaves in the yard, and Thanksgiving to usher in chill and preparations for the year-end bash.

Here the year ends and begins with the long Tet holiday. Then there's Women's Day to give you a break from those two weeks back to work after Tet. Reunification Day starts the summer season, National Day on Sept. 2 ends the summer and starts the school year, and I'm sure a couple of holidays from now till Christmas, which is increasingly being celebrated in a secular manner here. The improving economy means the rise of the consumer class and the holiday marketing to siphon its money. I wonder when Vietnam will have a Black Friday shopping day.

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